First Copic Coloring

For my mother’s birthday this year, I thought a personal gift would be better than something I bought in the store. This is the first thing I created by sketch with sketches, Copic Multiliners, and Copic Markers.

Our family pet, Lily, died right before Valentine’s day in 2011. She was 11 years old and a dear family member for all of us while we were growing up. I know it’s been hard for my mother to not have her little buddy and we’re hoping to find another dog for her to love soon. In the meantime, I hope a little picture of her drawn by me will hold a place.

I made a lot of mistakes with this piece, and every time I look at it I find more flaws (also, the picture of this isn’t all that great, either!) When I showed it to a few people, they immediately recognized it as a corgi, so I suppose that’s a good sign I was doing something right! This was before I got a light-box, so instead of erasing the pencil lines, I tried to outline it with the multiliners, scan it on to a piece of printer paper, and then color the result. I found out my scanner is not so great and all the pencil lines turned up as yellow-ish marks on the paper. I also messed up the blue-ish aura around Lily’s head, I had yet to master the aura technique I had learned from the Copic Beginner’s Class. 🙂 A learning experience! But, this piece does have a lovely home in the atrium of my mother’s hallway.


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By Rachel Ober

Rachel is a Ruby on Rails/Front-end Developer in Manhattan, New York. She loves figuring out answers to problems and making enjoyable user interfaces. When she isn't in front of a computer, she can be found running around with her sidekick, Isabella the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.