Watch Out, Austin! SassConf 2015

This November I will be relishing the chance to finally check out what I am told is the best Barbecue that the South has to offer. Finally, Austin!

My trip is all made possible because I will be speaking at the amazing SassConf!

It will be 4 days of being surrounded by intelligent and creative people who love what they do and LOVE sharing it with others. When I went to the inaugural SassConf in New York City in 2013, I immediately felt the incredible vibe of the community and can’t wait to be back. I was very sad that I had to miss it in 2014, and SUPER psyched that I’ll be able to be a part of it this year!

What makes this experience even more amazing is that we managed to get the entire Front End team at Paperless Post to join me as attendees. We’ve already booked our tickets and we all decided to stay at an AirBnB near the venue. Here’s hoping this doesn’t turn out to be some nerdy version of the Real World!

This means that over the next few months I’ll be preparing for my workshop by mapping out what I would like to cover and trying to fit as much as I can into 3 hours. Whew! I am getting exhausted just imagining it. My course work at General Assembly has prepared me for this as I taught 3-hour classes twice a week, so I know that it can be done! I expect that my workshop will focus on both lecture as well as hands-on examples so that attendees will be able to walk away with a completed example to use as a use case for their own work.

Watch out, Austin! Here I come.


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By Rachel Ober

Rachel is a Ruby on Rails/Front-end Developer in Manhattan, New York. She loves figuring out answers to problems and making enjoyable user interfaces. When she isn't in front of a computer, she can be found running around with her sidekick, Isabella the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.