2016 has sure been one hell of a year — and it’s only the beginning of May. 

In addition to the other trying, stressful, and sometimes just horrible times, we can add one more thing to the list of casualties. Yesterday, on his way home from Linden, Adam got in a car accident. Thankfully no one was injured but I am sure I would sleep better knowing that everything was okay if he would get checked out by our physician anyway. However, our poor car is even more worse for wear than normal. This January was its ninth year on the road and its time in Brooklyn has sure made its mark. My “itty bitty fitty” as my family so lovingly called it, is a little more bitty (as in bits and pieces) tonight.

Buying the Honda Fit was the largest purchase I had ever made until the purchase of our house surpassed that a few years later. Yet still, the purchase of the car was all by myself! After saving diligently by living at home I could pay the majority of the price down and spread the remainder in small payments on a loan over the next 5 years. When I arrived at the Honda dealership that day in the fall of 2006, I had every intention of getting a Civic but after test-driving the sedan I was left a bit unimpressed. What caught my eye was a flashy, bright orange hatchback that was also on the lot. The dealer told me that the car was called a “Fit” and was new to the USA after having a lot of popularity over seas. It was fairly cheaper and had fewer features than the civic but after my test drive there was no question: the Fit was just so fun to drive!

I ordered the same model and color as the car I drove that day. By the end of December, the blaze metallic orange with the sport model extras was delivered from Japan and was all mine. At the time, I had just finished a co-op job in Pittsburgh and unfortunately didn’t have the means to keep it up in Boston with me. Luckily my grandparents had an extra space in their garage and offered to give it a home until I could use it again on visits and vacations. Then one day we would be reunited when I would have the opportunity to take it with me forever!

It’s bittersweet yet a bit apropos to recall this moment in my life as the death of my grandmother is still fresh. When I had called or visited my grandparents during this time, they always made sure to let me know that they were taking great care of my car. I am sure it was a great excuse to keep my car as they knew it was a great excuse to talk to and see me from time to time!

After letting my family know what happened and that Adam was okay, everyone remarked on what a faithful little car the Fit has been over the years. At one time or another, each person of my family has taken a trip in it. It’s moved me from Pittsburgh to Boston for school; back and forth from Boston to NYC on late night trips while Adam and I were starting to date; to Pittsburgh from Boston when I moved home and adopted Isabella; from Pittsburgh to NYC when I moved to be with Adam; and back and forth between NYC and Pittsburgh countless times with me, Adam, and Isabella in tow.

My father last saw the Fit on our most recent trip to Pittsburgh to see my grandmother right before she died. He remarked how he reflected on the service the car served over the last decade carrying his “little girl” and family and gave it an appreciative pat.

I am half expecting to hear from the claims adjuster that the car is totaled based on the repair estimates (well know more hopefully by the end of this week) but if not it will be one more notch in this car’s belt as a testimony of how great a purchase this was for me.

And if it is totaled, I take a bit of comfort in knowing that my car fulfilled its duty to me and my family up until the very end instead of a lackluster conclusion.


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