Top 5 Things I Could be Lying About

Since Belynda jumped the gun and decided to get back at all the nasty twitters we sent her yesterday for being late on her first entry… here is my SECOND entry into this here blog-thing. In keeping with the seemingly “5 Things” theme on the second “Blog-enning” entries that Belynda and Brandon did, I will now list 5 things about myself or something that happened in my life that could be lies. You get to decide which is which.

  1. When I was a baby, my father was trying to administer to my behind *cough* and I was wiggling around a lot. In order to complete the task he bent my body in half and I threw up red gunk all over the place. He thought I threw up blood and started screaming thinking he broke the baby. When in fact, my mother had just fed me red jell-o earlier in the day!
  2. I once drove to Boston from New York just to say “hi” to a friend and then drove all the way back home.
  3. To try and win tickets to a concert “back in the day,” I video taped myself singing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” dressed up like a stereotypical chick from the 80s with huge crimped hair. Suffice it to say, I didn’t win the tickets and the video has been buried forever and you will never see it! MUAHAHA.
  4. I love my tiny car. Once I had to fit it in a tiny parking space at the train station and had to contort my body in different ways to get out of the car. But, it fit!
  5. My father gets the best ideas. We had a little red wagon that my parents used to cart us around when we went to amusement parks and on various trips. We’re talking smaller than a sled, on wheels. When we moved, our new house had a very steep concrete drive way. He put me in the sled and said “this will be fun!” and gave me a push down the drive way. My mother happened to be standing at the front window over looking the street, and was witness to my dramatic descent down the drive way and inevitable propulsion from the wagon to  the ground below. Let’s just say she had a few choice words for my dad.

That was fun. Enjoy!


The Blog-enning

The only successful blog I have is my Twitter account. I have found 140 characters is enough for my brain to compose a coherent message and then have my fingers hurriedly type it out before my 3 seconds of active memory loops again. Why then, that when Brandon mentioned that he was starting up his Blogging Agreement again, did I agree? Am I a masochist? Do I like watching myself fail? Or did I have nothing better to do? Probably a little from column A, B and C.

The agreement whittles down to this:

When anyone adds a new post to their blog, above and beyond whatever post debt they may have accrued, all others will endeavor to update their blog within 24 hours of the initial post. Auto-generated posts pulling from twitter do not count towards the agreement. Leniency will be provided in case something comes up of course, but try to do your best to be prompt. Failure to update without good reason may result in us calling you names or insulting your mother. You have been warned.

The Victims

Belynda Cianci of Dimestore Romance,
Dave Halperin of Thought Alarm,
Ian Muller of Aberro Specus,
Tom Quinn of Time With Tom,
Brandon Schory of Extant Musings
…and Jaco Vermeulen of Jaco’s Random Writings

We’ll see how long THIS lasts.


MySQL on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

I wanted to write this down so I didn’t forget about it in case I had to do it again for any reason. I also had a couple friends ask me to help them. It’s extremely easy to fix it, but it did take me a while to find out what exactly was wrong and where to get the new files.

  1. The MySQL.prefPane for OS X 10.5 is wrong.
  2. MySQLCOM is in the wrong directory.

To fix this:

  1. First download the appropriate version of OS X you need:
  2. Install it.
  3. You will then need to download the fix here:
  4. Install the new pane. It won’t work yet!
  5. Execute this command in terminal: sudo mv /usr/local/MySQLCOM /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM
  6. Go back to the MySQL preference pane and start the MySQL server. Voila!

This bug is documented here: