About is a central place that houses most of the work of Rachel Ober. Topics range from everything regarding what she’s learned about programming to what is interesting to them at the moment. The most important part of Rachel’s work is that once she’s learned something, she shares that knowledge with others.

About Rachel

Rachel is a developer who specializes in Front End and Ruby on Rails. They focus on Usability, User Experience, and User Testing in their work. They have experience in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS (Sass and Compass), and JavaScript.

After completing a five-year program at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science, Rachel landed in New York City. Their dual degree in Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology helps bring a unique, holistic experience to their work in web development.

Outside of their day job, Rachel volunteers their time mentoring and teaching others about what they have learned from their experience in the technology field. In 2013, Rachel founded a chapter of RailsBridge that specializes in running Ruby on Rails beginner classes for underrepresented minorities to the tri-state area. The group has gone on to teach and inspire hundreds of women about the basics of programming!

Rachel co-founded Write/Speak/Code in 2013 with Vanessa Hurst, Celia La, Chrys Wu and Rebecca Miller-Webster. Write/Speak/Code’s mission is to empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors. Since 2013, the organization has hosted international conferences and Meetups in cities across the United States.

When they have free time, they like to read and do paper crafting. Fantasy stories are their favorite and loves anything by Brandon Sanderson. After finishing a project, Rachel tries to take pictures of it and display it on their crafting blog, so check it out if you’re a crafter too!

If you are interested in Rachel’s coding projects, most of them are available on GitHub.

Shortened Bio

Rachel Ober is a Ruby on Rails developer based in New York City. A true renaissance woman, Rachel has significant experience in and a passion for user experience, user interface, and cognitive design. Rachel is a Platform Engineer at Harry’s where she works on the Ruby on Rails platform of Harry’s store and subscription services as well as serves as a technical mentor to junior developers. Rachel encourages other women developers to hone their skills through Write/Speak/Code as a co-founder. Founded in 2013, Rachel organizes and volunteers their time to teaching women and underserved minorities in technology Ruby and Ruby on Rails through RailsBridge NYC. Rachel lives in Brooklyn with her husband and fur-child Isabella and loves scrapbooking and card making.

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This Site

This website is built with the following tools:

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A non-exhaustive list of WordPress plugins I use:

  • Akismet
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  • WP Super Cache

My profile picture was photographed by Chasi Annexy Photography. She is awesome and I hire her every year to take cute photos of me and my husband. Please check her work out at her portfolio website.

Most if not all of the other images on this website were photographed or created by me in Adobe Photoshop. Please don’t use them without my express permission. I know my corgi, Isabella, is super cute but please leave her here. 🙂


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